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Hypnobirthing Course

My Royal College of Midwives accredited KGHypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal programme, which teaches you how to approach birth with confidence, positivity and without fear.


Popular with first-time parents as well as those preparing to welcome their second or third child, who seek to approach their upcoming birthing experiences with increased knowledge and positivity, particularly after encountering challenges the first time around.



We recommend completing this hypnobirthing course from week 20 of your pregnancy, to allow time for you to fully submerge yourself into the practice. However, joining at any point before birth, even just a week prior, can be beneficial.


It's important that you and your birthing partner both attend whether this is your partner, friend, mother or doula as they play such an important role during your birth. If you’re birthing without a partner, please do get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

Benefits of this course


This course will give you the tools and techniques to help you make empowered choices regardless of how and where you choose to birth your baby. We live in a culture of fear and this course teaches you to let go of this fear for an empowered birth with an increased chance of a natural birth.

Mudra Meditation

Additional Support


You will receive the parent folder and recorded audio files prior to the course starting.

I provide continuous telephone support leading up to your labour and also include three complimentary prenatal yoga classes, along with the option to join postnatal yoga. 



1 couple, private 2 day course: £220

Group of 4 couples, 2 day course £110


"I've been attending post-natal mum and baby yoga classes both in-person and virtually over the past few months and they have been great! It's so nice to connect with other mums in the calm and safe atmosphere created by Ashleigh. The yoga practice is varied and plenty of modifications and options are given so you can improve each week and slowly build back your fitness in a low impact way. I wasn't sure about virtual classes initially, but they've been a lifeline and a highlight of my week. Would highly recommend for any new mums."

—  Jess Red Linington

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