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My Royal College of midwives, accredited KGHypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal programme, which teaches you how to approach birth with confidence, positivity and without fear. Popular with parents to be, embarking on this journey for the first time, as well as those who are getting ready to welcome their second or third child into the world, looking to re-approach their upcoming birthing journeys with more knowledge and positively after sometimes facing birthing difficulties, first time round.

We recommend completing this hypnobirthing course from week 20 of your pregnancy, to allow time to you to fully submerge yourself into the practice however you can join any time prior to birth, as even a week would be beneficial. It's important that you and your birthing partner both attend whether this is your partner, friend, Mother or Doula as they play such an important role during your birth. If you’re birthing without a partner, please do get in touch to discuss options available to you. 

Yoga Studio
Prenatal Yoga Class

Course Content:

During the 10 hour course I will cover

  • The physiology and psychology of birth 

  • Breathing techniques and visual relaxations

  • The knowledge to make informed choices

  • Understanding these choices and how your birthing partner will support you

  • Birthing plan, hospital bag and the golden hour post labour. 

You will receive the parent folder and recorded audio files prior to the course starting. I offer ongoing telephone support right up until your labour and also receive three complimentary pre natal yoga classes and the opportunity to join post natal yoga. You will gain access to a support network of local Mum’s to be and hypnobirthing Mothers and we have a get together each month to support one another during your pregnancy and beyond. 

This course will give you the tools and techniques to help you to make empowered choices regardless of how and where you choose to birth your baby.  We live in a culture of fear, this course teaches you to let go of this fear for an empowered birth with increased chance of a natural birth.


"My husband and I also undertook her KG hypnobirthing course and have already found this to be invaluable. We gained an understanding of the physiology of labour and also feel we now have a tool box of relaxation and coping techniques for labour and birth. Ashleigh's passion and knowledge shone throughout and we felt fully supported to make decisions that felt right for us based on what we had learnt. We cannot thank Ashleigh enough and know that however the birth of our baby pans out it will be a more beautiful experience because of her help."

—  Steffi Dowle


1 couple, private 2 day course: £195

Group of 4 couples, 2 day course £110 per couple

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