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Bhakti Birthing Workshop

The Bhakti Birthing workshop is here to guide and support you through your pregnancy journey by giving you the knowledge to best prepare for your birth. This half day course will help you to understand the birth process and give you the tools to help you to feel calm and confident. The workshop incorporates hypnobirthing, active birth education, informed birth choices, birth plans, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to help you remove any fear you may have surrounding birth. 

You and your birthing partner will learn the importance of creating the best environment to allow your labour to progress. By helping you to feel safe and calm during your labour which should help to lower your chances of intervention. It's important that your birth partner has their own set of tools to help you remain calm, safe and supported.

This group session provides an opportunity to meet other parents to be and to start building a lovely support network for your pregnancy, birth and beyond.


This course will help you to have a calm, positive and empowered birth.


Hand on Bump

Course Content:

Benefits of Active Birthing & Hypnobirthing

Optimal positions for labour 

Breathing and relaxation techniques 

The important role of your birth partner & environment

Understanding hormones & the role they play in labour

Different stages of labour

Aromatherapy in pregnancy and  labour

The knowledge to navigate birth should you need pain relief or intervention

Tips in case birth slows or stalls

Time and space for you to ask questions


I offer ongoing telephone support right up until your labour and you can enjoy a  complimentary pre natal yoga class. You will also gain access to a support network of local parents to be and we have a get together each month to support one another during your pregnancy and beyond.


This course will give you the tools and techniques to help you to make empowered choices regardless of how and where you choose to birth your baby.  We live in a culture of fear, this course teaches you to let go of this fear for an empowered birth with increased chance of a natural birth.


"My husband and I also undertook her KG hypnobirthing course and have already found this to be invaluable. We gained an understanding of the physiology of labour and also feel we now have a tool box of relaxation and coping techniques for labour and birth. Ashleigh's passion and knowledge shone throughout and we felt fully supported to make decisions that felt right for us based on what we had learnt. We cannot thank Ashleigh enough and know that however the birth of our baby pans out it will be a more beautiful experience because of her help."

—  Steffi Dowle


Half day group birth preparation sessions are £75 for you and your birth partner

Course dates: Contact me for availability. Private courses available.

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