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My name's Ashleigh, I'm a yoga teacher specialising in pre & post natal yoga classes, as well as a hypnobirthing specialist. I first qualified with a teaching focus in both Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin yoga...but as I went through my own journey to becoming a mother of two, that seed blossomed into South Hams yoga. Where I now dedicate my space and practice to helping others navigate through their journey into motherhood.

However your baby decides to enter into the world, I'm here to help you stay calm and prepared throughout every trimester and continue to support and guide you long after. Self belief and self love are paramount in my teachings and this is the theme that flows throughout all my classes.

As a mother who has gone through the same journey you are about to take, I'm so passionate about sharing my experience and the practices that have helped me. 

Birth is miraculous however it happens. I'm here to help show you just how capable both your body and mind are and give you the tools to feel confident in your body doing what it was born to do. 


 I am so excited to go on this journey with you.


South Hams YogaGuiding you through motherhood


For all bookings and enquiries please fill out the contact form below or you can email me directly at:

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