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Half Day Birthing Workshop

The Birthing Workshop aims to support you on your pregnancy journey, providing essential knowledge to prepare you for childbirth. This half-day course enhances your understanding of the birth process and equips you with tools to promote a sense of calm and confidence.

Course Content:

  • Benefits of Active Birthing and Hypnobirthing

  • Optimal positions for labour 

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques 

  • The important role of your birth partner and environment partner will support you

  • Understanding hormones and the role they play in labour

  • Different stages of labour

  • Aromatherapy in pregnancy and  labour

  • The knowledge to navigate birth should you need pain relief or intervention

  • Tips in case birth slows or stalls

  • Time and space for you to ask questions


1 couple, half-day group course: £75



Contact me for availability

Private courses are also available

Yoga Studio

Full Day Hypnobirthing Course 

My Royal College of Midwives-accredited KGHypnobirthing course offers a comprehensive antenatal program, empowering expectant parents to approach childbirth with confidence and positivity.

Course Content:

During the 10-hour course I will cover

  • The physiology and psychology of birth

  • Breathing techniques and visual relaxation

  • The knowledge to make informed choices

  • Understanding these choices and how your birthing partner will support you

  • Birthing plan, hospital bag and the golden hour post-labour


1 couple, private 2-day/ 8 hour course: £220

Group of 4 couples, 2-day/ 8 hour course £110 per couple



Contact me for availability


"My husband and I also undertook her KG hypnobirthing course and have already found this to be invaluable. We gained an understanding of the physiology of labour and also feel we now have a tool box of relaxation and coping techniques for labour and birth. Ashleigh's passion and knowledge shone throughout and we felt fully supported to make decisions that felt right for us based on what we had learnt. We cannot thank Ashleigh enough and know that however the birth of our baby pans out it will be a more beautiful experience because of her help."

—  Steffi Dowle

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